About Dr Wesch

I have been a Psychologist for 45 years, focused on holistic treatment of trauma, chronic health issues and pain. I started my career with the US Air Force as a Captain and retired from the US Army as a DOD-Civilian, in both cases, working with airmen and soldiers with PTSD and TBI. In between, I was an NIH Co-Investigator with an HIV/AIDS project and directed Chronic Pain clinics & Health Psychology programs. I love working with persons with migraine. I was active in state and national professional organizations. I worked in a large Rehabiltation Medicine center and was adjunct faculty at 2 medical schools.  I practiced Neuropsychology and started a head injury program. I have used Biofeedback to teach self-regulation and did Cardiac Rehabilitation. Working with persons coping with chronic health problems to reduce their symptoms and improve their quality of life is my favorite part of being a psychologist. 
From 2007 to my retirement in 2015, I ran the PTSD Clinic at an Army hospital and had the most successful PTSD recovery program in the military. In the PTSD Clinic, we used a combination of trauma-focused therapies, mind/body tools and alternative modalities to reduce the complex symptoms of combat PTSD. Our results show that PTSD recovery can be possible. I use Neurofeedback to relieve the headaches, memory problems and cognitive slowing from TBI events. I want to continue that work with Veterans with PTSD and TBI here in Arizona.

I work from a holistic & spiritual perspective, using alternative therapies, diet, high tech devices - anything that works for my individual client. I love what I do. For 12 years, I had a Native American teacher who was also a Vietnam Veteran. I draw on his lessons. I was a farm boy and appreciate those roots. I am a Grandfather with 13 grandchildren scattered around the country. My wife Sher is also trained as a psychologist and works as a Spiritual Healer here in Sedona.  I love living here in the Red Rocks!
Years in Practice: 45+ Years
School: U Tennessee - Knoxville
Year Graduated: 1970
License No. and State: 4652 Arizona
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