Sedona PTSD Recovery Project

Sedona PTSD Recovery Project (SPRP) is a stand-alone demonstration project of PTSD Recovery Centers of America, a 501-3c organization dedicated to providing holistic integrative PTSD treatment to Veterans, training healthcare providers for PTSD recovery and educating the public about the value of comprehensive integrative care for Veterans with PTSD and TBI. Data collected will allow a rigorous evaluation of the efficacy of the program design. Fund-raising is currently underway via donations, crowd-funding and grant writing.
Sedona PTSD Recovery Project is intended to develop and implement a pilot integrative medicine PTSD program for Veterans in the Verde Valley. The program will be an evolutionary variant of the very successful and effective Warrior Combat Stress Reset Program (WCSRP or Reset) that operated at Fort Hood, Texas from August 2008 to September 2015.
Reset was a fully developed holistic comprehensive PTSD program, using specific trauma-focused psychological interventions, high tech approaches and complementary/ alternative therapies (CAM) in a phased synergistic program to heal complex combat PTSD.  The data on the 1,400 soldiers who graduated from WCSRP suggests recovery is far more possible than the pessimism often found in the behavioral health world would suggest. From 2008 to 2015, the Reset results showed highly significant decreases in PTSD symptoms, anxiety, depression, and pain, with extremely high satisfaction among its soldier graduates.
To be sure, PTSD recovery is not easy. Soldiers and Vets have lots of things to heal – virtually 100% of soldiers with moderate to severe PTSD would also qualify for a chronic pain syndrome diagnosis; 80% have headaches; 30 to 40% have a history of concussion (TBI) and many have developmental and non-military histories of trauma. Recent reviews suggest that the current standard treatments advocated by the DOD and VA Behavioral Health PTSD guidelines do not provide adequate results for recovery in most cases.
In the meantime, Dr. Wesch is seeing individual Veterans at his office in Sedona, providing PTSD recovery services on a sliding fee schedule.  Call for a free phone consutation at (872) 704-1775.
For more information, click HERE to go to Dr. Wesch's Psychology Today Find A Therapist page.